Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Cleaning Soot From A Wall

These before and after photos show test cleaning a wall after a fire has spread soot through a home. The soot has spread through the duct work and affected this... READ MORE

Fire Cleaning in an Apartment Complex in Des Moines

This before and after picture shows a bathtub that was affected by soot damage during a fire that occurred in an apartment. Our trained staff cleaned the batht... READ MORE

Media Blasting After Fire Damage

This before and after shows a beam in the basement heavily affected with soot and smoke damage from a fire that occurred in the basement. SERVPRO of Iowa City/... READ MORE

Cleaning Items After Fire Damage

This shelf is painted. It had items sitting on top of it. You can see in the before picture how the smoke and soot affected the item. We brought the shelf ba... READ MORE

Table Cleaned After Smoke Damage

Our technicians work hard to return our clients contents. This table was affected by smoke and soot damage after a fire in a residence. Our technicians will p... READ MORE

Fire Board Up and Moved Back in - Coralville, Iowa

This apartment had a fire in the second floor apartment. We were called out immediately to do a board up of the property and secure the building. Board ups ar... READ MORE

Silver Plate Cleaned After Fire Damage

This silver plate was heavily affected after a fire. You can see the smoke and soot damage. We cleaned this plate by dry wiping the loose soot from the plate a... READ MORE

Acrylic Molded Shower with Light

These shower pictures show the before and after following a fire. The fire was a couple months before we were called in to clean up after it. This is an acryli... READ MORE

Jewelry Box Contents Cleaned

These items were in a jewelry box. The house was affected by a fire and the jewelry box itself even had charred material. The items were heavily affected by so... READ MORE

Board Up After a Fire

Unfortunately, sometimes a fire happens to a home or business that causes the structure to become so damaged that it is unsalvageable; therefore, unable to be c... READ MORE

Fire/Water Damage

This is a before and after picture of a Fire/Water Damage we completed a few short moths ago from a cooking incident on the third story of an apartment complex ... READ MORE

Bear Restored

This bear had soot damage due to a fire. Our employees took loving care of a families precious treasure and we were able to return it to its beautiful original ... READ MORE