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servpro golf ball on tee

Summer Golf Tournaments

This Summer of 2022 is already off to a great start with sponsoring and marketing at local golf tournaments! We love meeting other members of the community and showing off our SERVPRO services.

318 Rainy Meadow Deodorizer

SERVPRO Product: 318 Rainy Meadow Deodorizer

Do you like that smell that fills the air right before it rains? Oh, you do?! You're lucky because we have that smell as one of our proprietary deodorizers! Our Digital Marketing Support Coordinator loves it so much that he will actually run through the halls spraying it. Every day smells like a rainy meadow in the Marketing Department! 

Nick V with his daughter at St. Patrick's Day Parade

Work-Life Balance

SERVPRO is always Here to help®; with having an on-call employee, we are always a phone call away. As a company, we pride ourselves on respecting our employee’s family time. Whether their human family or fur babies, we understand that work can be stressful. When our employees go home, we want them to leave SERVPRO at their door. We always encourage our staff to invite their kiddos when events come up. We do this so that our employees can share these moments with their loved ones. If this kind of balance is something you are looking for, please email your resume to

The Marketing Team Helping Out On A Multibuilding Fire

Multibuilding Fire: Don't Worry, The Marketing Team is Here to help®

We at SERVPRO believe in a little thing called teamwork, and when there is a need for help, we call upon all departments to help fill that need. Our local team at SERVPRO of Grinnell & Pella needed help from our other locations after a fire in Pella’s Townsquare caused a wide range of damage. This fire displayed all levels of damage ranging from general cleaning/odor removal to a complete loss of one building. Our trained business development team from our multiple offices rushed to help our production crews get started on services to restore these businesses to preloss condition to ensure they could recover from this setback as fast as possible. By choosing SERVPRO, you decide to have our company of dedicated individuals who will work endless hours to get you back on track.

NAWIC celebrating their holiday party at Hurling Hatchet.

Getting Involved Locally: NAWIC's Holiday Party

We encourage our staff to get involved with local organizations to build their network of contacts. Michele Presley, our Business Development Manager, is an active member of The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), Iowa City/ Cedar Rapids Chapter. They just celebrated their annual holiday party, where they threw some hatchets at Hurling Hatchet in Cedar Rapids. Michele wanted us to include that she threw a bullseye and won the first round! We love a good ole competition! If you're going to find out more information about NAWIC, feel free to read more.

Lisa Mills, Sales and Marketing Representative, acting as our SERVPRO Santa

Delivering Holiday Basket

Our Marketing Support Coordinator followed our  SERVPRO of Iowa City/Coralville's Sales and Marketing Representative, Lisa Mills, on her route. We were out spreading holiday cheer by handing out our holiday baskets. We had a great time visiting with the staff at American Family Insurance- John Raley's Office. We talked about what we were excited to celebrate this holiday season. 

Michele, Our Business Development Manager

Spreading Successful Marketing Practices

Michele Presley is our Business Development Manager, and she had an excellent opportunity to work alongside other SERVPRO marketing experts for a Marketing Symposium in Missouri. The group came together to brainstorm with participants on what has been a proven success in each of their local markets such as:

  • Developing Plans
  • Knowing Your Protentional ROI before and an event
  • Creating a SWOT analysis 
  • Creating and Executing goals
  • Finding the right Sales and Marketing Representatives

As a team, we feel so proud that one of our marketing managers can help lead others in a way that will provide great success in their own local markets. 

ultrasonic dryer

Ultrasonic Dryer

Contents are cleaned in our Ultrasonic tank and then placed in this dryer for a more complete process. This system allows for contents to be cleaned efficiently and thoroughly, expanding our range of restorable contents.

semi trailer

Our Biggest SERVPRO Addition

Our biggest addition to the SERVPRO team is our semi-trailer. This trailer is stocked for any large loss scenario. It is stocked as a rolling distribution center with equipment, consumables, and tools to clean up any disaster

A matterport camera in a room

New SERVPRO Technology

The Matterport camera allows for 360 degrees of photos, creating full floor plans. These 3D floor plans give a virtual reality experience, so it feels as though you are in the property. This storytelling method for lets people better access the source of the issue as well as assess damages.

Water Losses Need Good Extraction

When water damage affects your home or business you can depend on SERVPRO of Iowa City / Coralville. Our team is IICRC trained and certified in water mitigation.  The first step in the process to restore the property is to remove the excess standing water.  We do this with extraction equipment. One of our most commonly used pieces of extraction equipment is a portable extractor.  This unit has high suction capability but also is very portable and can be moved around to different areas of the building easily.  The wand attachment is easy to use.  This tool of our industry is great and used mostly. We also have weighted extraction units, truck mounted units, as well as pumps for deep water extraction.  You can depend on SERVPRO staff to use the right equipment for the right job.

Large Loss Clean Up Truck Ready To Go

SERVPRO of Iowa City/Coralville is the Large Loss Response Team for the State of Iowa. We have an entire fleet of vehicles, equipment and trained staff ready to assist when an emergency happens 24 hours, 7 days a week. This picture shows the inside of one of our large loss trucks that holds over 125 air movers, over 25 dehumidifiers, additional air scrubbers and equipment needed to set and stabilize a large water damage.  We are ready to roll out of the shop at a moments notice.

Project Scopes and Technology

You can depend on SERVPRO of Iowa City/Coralville to provide you with a scope of work and documentation of your project as we use technology and proprietary software every day in the field to record the projects we are working on. This picture shows one of our Project Managers scoping a fire job and recording the job using our tablets. All of our staff in the field use tablets that are linked at all times to our software and office to keep information current and up to date. 

Cleaning Services

Our trained staff at SERVPRO of Iowa City/Coralville are here to help when you need it most. We provide deep cleaning services after construction projects, fire, water, mold, and storms have affected our clients lives. We provide those deep cleaning services and attention to detail that is needed when it truly matters. We have the cleaners and resources to provide that deep clean that is needed to get our clients back into their homes and businesses.

Fire Damage Cleanup- The Seal Coat

When fire damage affects your home or business you can depend on SERVPRO of Iowa City/Coralville to help with the cleanup process. We will come in and provide a plan of action for the cleanup. One of the items on the plan of action after removing affected materials might be to seal the structure before rebuilding begins. This seal coat locks in any residual odor that might still remain in the structure and not allow it to penetrate through that seal coat. This picture shows after we have seal coated a lower level of a residence. After this seal coat is applied reconstruction can begin.

When to Call A Professional if You Have Mold

This pictures shows microbial growth that was in fact mold spores that had to be remediated.  When you are wondering "Do I Have Mold?" or "Do I Need to Call a Professional For This?" Just give our office a call and we will be happy to perform an assessment of the conditions you may be seeing. If you are experiencing poor health symptoms caused by what you believe to be mold spores we can perform air samples as well. It is important to use a trained professional when treating for microbial growth or mold. When treated correctly the mold spores are prevented from returning. This is the why it is important to call a professional when you are wondering about microbial growth in your home or business. SERVPRO of Iowa City/Coralville has trained professionals ready to help when your health and safety matter most.

Content Cleaning After A Fire

We are here to help you recover contents after fire damage. When a fire effects your home or business and you believe that you have to throw all of your contents away due to smoke and soot damage know that we are here specializing in these recovery services.  This picture shows before and after of a couple items that have extensive damage. We were able to work our SERVPRO content cleaning services on these items and return them to the owner. The heavy soot accumulation on the surfaces of these items is extensive but we have technology available to clean these items. Our team of trained cleaning technicians will evaluate the items affected and be able to determine their clean ability before beginning services.   We are here to make it "Like it never even happened." 

We Appreciate Our Veterans

Our employees are the lively hood of our company and of our communities. These employees are our honored veterans who have served or are still serving in the military. We appreciate them for all they have done and what they do for us every day.

Cleaning After Construction

We provide post construction cleaning services.  We prepare residences and commercial buildings after construction to be ready to move into.  We provide that deep cleaning service to remove construction debris and dust.  Making the construction "Like it never even happened."

We clean top to bottom, inside and out. We clean light fixtures, all those hard to reach spots, windows, doors, etc.

Call our office for a proposal after your construction project.

Portable Temporary Heat After An Emergency

Equipment Knowledge - Our portable temporary heaters are able to provide heat to a structure. These heaters are set outside the structure and the hot air is ducted into the building through flexible tubing.  This particular heater pumps out 88,000 btu of heat. We use these after a fire and/or water loss in the winter months.  We use them to heat the building to improve the working environment, introduce energy for improved drying conditions, and maintain the integrity of the structure so further damage doesn't occur such as broken water lines.  Providing heat to a structure is a vital part of the mitigation process in the winter months. 

Insulation Removal after a Fire

We are here to help mitigate after fire and water situations.  Insulation will hold smoke and odor after a fire.  If the insulation is deemed affected it needs to be removed.  This picture shows a member of our crew working to remove the blown in insulation from the attic area.  The insulation is sucked out of the space and put into a dumpster to be disposed of properly.  We are here to help make it "Like it never even happened." and are your mitigation experts when it comes to fire, water, and mold.

2017 Annual SERVPRO Team Meeting

We celebrated 8 years of being a team on December 1st.  The team came together to celebrate all the goals we achieved in 2017 and go over the new goals for 2018.  We are a growing team that believes in caring first for our clients needs that have just gone through a disaster.  It makes us who we are.  We heard from our SERVPRO trainer Mike Fuller as well as celebrated 5 years of service for 4 outstanding employees.  We are excited for 2018.

Large Loss team in action!

Our large loss team was on site working hard to help another business get back open and back to business quickly!

Available 24/7

Disaster doesn't have a schedule. It doesn't happen between 8 and 5. It happens anytime and that is why we are available 24/7. Give us a call any time of day when disaster strikes.

Roll Top Desk after fire damage and after restoration

This roll top desk was heavily damaged by soot from a multiple car garage fire. If you take a look at the damaged photo you can see where objects were sitting during the event. This desk was in a few garage stalls down from where the actual fire took place. Our restoration technicians put love and care into every job that they do to insure that your valued contents are returned to you looking “Like it never even happened.” Some things just need to be done by hand and our technicians took the time to gently clean and polish to ensure that it is as close to the original as possible. When disaster strikes we are available 24/7, so give us the opportunity to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Carpet Cleaning

We clean carpets too! When your carpets are not looking as good as they did when they were new we are here to help.  Daily foot traffic, pets, food spills, and stains can affect how your carpets look and the overall appearance of your house or business.  We provide that professional deep cleaning service to bring those carpets and rugs back to their best condition and look possible and improve the aesthetics of your home or business. We make it "Like it never even happened"

Jars Cleaned After A Fire in Iowa City, IA

These jars were cleaned after a fire.  They had heavy smoke and soot damage.  We used the Ultrasonic machine to dip and soak these in.  They were then rinsed and air dried.  When a fire happens it can be divesting and lots of contents would thought to have to be disposed of but with today's technology we are able to save many of our clients contents.  Please give us the chance if disaster happens to make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Iowa City's Cleaning Warehouse

This is our Cleaning Warehouse.  Sharon is in the warehouse everyday cleaning fire contents and taking time to make sure that each of our valued clients belongings are taking care of with lots of love and organization.  She works with our ware house manager along with other great members of our cleaning staff but you can always find Sharon in the warehouse.  She is very proud of our Ultrasonic Machine and how it helps to easily remove smoke odor and soot residue from contents after a fire and mold residue.

Cleaning Soot From A Wall in Iowa City, IA

This soot spot on a plaster wall was caused by a small refrigerator that caught fire.  This picture shows our warehouse manager Tracy cleaning and showing the process before, during, and after of soot removal so that the wall can be ready to be sealed.  It is very important to use certain cleaning methods to remove different types of soot residue.  Soot can smear and make a larger mess if not cleaned properly. We are here to provide that professional and trained experience to assist and make disasters "Like it never even happened"

Clean Up Debris After A Fire

This picture shows one of our technicians cleaning up debris in a house after a fire.  The insulation from the ceiling above and the drywall had to be bagged and removed from the house for disposal.  The fire department had broken down the ceiling to get to the ceiling joists in the attic above to check for hot spots.  We were called in to clean up the debris.  It is important to wear proper personal protective equipment to protect yourself when working with materials possibly affected by fire.  We also bag up the materials to contain the mess from being spread through the other work areas. 

Mold and Microbial Growth Cleaning in Centerville

When mold or microbial growth affect your life, health, home, business or building call SERVPRO of Iowa City / Coralville, Ottumwa / Oskaloosa, Des Moines East & SW.  We are here to help.  We have properly trained service technicians who are trained in remediation and will safely remove the growth and keep further contamination from spreading using special equipment and containment.  We can do air testing to determine the extent and type of contamination first and determine our course of action.  This picture shows our technician removing microbial growth from the walls in a business in Centerville.  We take a lot of pride in the work that we do. Making it "Like it never even happened."

Document Freeze Drying

When water affects important documents, WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

With specialty drying systems such as document freeze drying we are able to save items that it use to be impossible to save and keep after they got wet.  When paper gets wet the ink will run and deteriorate.  By using a special drying process and a controlled freeze drying system we are able to bring those documents down to a very cold temperature and freeze the moisture out of the paper maintaining the integrity of the document and being able to return them.  This process is in a controlled environment and we maintain the utmost integrity for secure guidelines to protect even confidential information.  You can trust SERVPRO of Iowa City/Coralville, Ottumwa/Oskaloosa, and Des Moines East & SW to always be on the top of technology and utilizing equipment to do the best job we can to make it "Like it never even happened"

Decontamination Chamber - Mold Removal in Iowa City

In June a few of our employees attended AMRT Mold Training in Pekin, IL. This picture shows an example of a decontamination chamber that the team built in class. This system is used at the entrance of a mold containment. It is set up with negative air pressure to pull all contaminates out. This shows the training that our team goes through. We are prepared and ready to help you with your mold mitigation and air sampling needs in Iowa City and the surrounding area. 

SERVPRO national Convention - We believe in training

We believe in training.  We attended the SERVPRO national convention in Seattle Washington in June of 2017 to learn about our industry and how to grow and be a better restoration company for our clients.  We attend the national convention every year and we have our staff attend multiple trainings a year to increase our teams knowledge to better serve you.  You can trust us to make it "Like it never even happened."

When Flooding Happens In Iowa City

When massive rain storms come through the area in Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, Tipton, Washington, or Williamsburg know that we are here to help you.  We are storm ready and have our equipment and crews ready all the time to be able to come in and help you clean up and dry out as quickly as possible.  We watch the weather. You can trust any SERVPRO employee nationwide that comes to help you clean up after a storm. We are trained and licensed and will do the work for the best price and stand behind the work that we do.

It is the Water you Don't see!

This picture shows you the areas of your home or business that can be affected by water.  When water spills onto a surface and has time, even a little bit of time, to travel it can affect many different parts of your structure.  It is the water you don't see that you can't just wipe up with a towel that can cause you further damage.  Warping can occur or even microbial growth.  Take a minute to assess the damage after a water intrusion.

Protective Clothing When Treating For Mold

When we mitigate from mold damage it is necessary to wear protective personal equipment to protect your body. Our employees are required and trained in how to wear proper protective equipment when doing the work that we do. Don't tackle mold removal your self. Let the professionals help. So no further spread or health concerns occur. Our employees wear suits, respirators, gloves, and booties. All to protect their skin and lungs from containments.

Smoke and Soot Damage in Ottumwa

We arrived on scene to this house in Dallas, IA that had storm damage from wind. The roof vent cap had blown off and needed to be repaired right away.  We worked very quickly to seal the roof until we could have fixed and then we were able to fix within 2 days so water or wind caused no further damage to the house. They were very thankful for our fast service.

Roof Damage following Wind Storm

We arrived on scene to this house in Dallas, IA that had storm damage from wind. The roof vent cap had blown off and needed to be repaired right away.  We worked very quickly to seal the roof until we could have fixed and then we were able to fix within 2 days so water or wind caused no further damage to the house. They were very thankful for our fast service.

Monitoring After Water Damage in Tipton

When we are called in to provide water restoration work for a commercial or residential customer we come right away and access the situation and what we need to set up for equipment.  The process does not stop there after setting equipment. We come daily and monitor the progress the structure is having to dry out. This picture shows one of our tools we use to access moisture content of the structure. Some times we are able to dry the structure in just a couple of days or a few hours with the correct equipment and depending on the extent of the intrusion.  With diligent monitoring we can make equipment changes as needed to dry the structure quickly. There is a science to drying and we believe in following the process that we are trained in to get your business or home back to business quickly and make it "Like it never even happened." 

Extracting water from Carpet

This picture shows Nick, one of our technicians, extracting water from the carpet and pad following a fresh water intrusion.  Water affected the basement from an outside water spigot. The customer was watering their grass and the spigot was leaking into the basement the whole time.  They called right away and we were able to come right out and help clean up the water and were able to save a lot of the structure with very little demo.

Checking Water Levels in Ottumwa

This water loss occurred at a downtown Ottumwa, IA business.  The water was from a supply line to a sink that broke from the apartment above the business.  The water leaked through the floor of the apartment and then into the business down below.  In this picture our employee Brandon, is checking the structural materials levels. The customer and insurance called us right away and we were able to set our air movers and dehumidifiers right away. We will be able to dry most of the building structure with very little demolition and removal of materials.  This is why it is so important to call right away when a water intrusion occurs.

Starting to Set Up Equipment

This Commercial Auto Business in Independence was effected by a fire from an electrical strike.  We were called in to start the clean up process right away.  We arrived on scene and started to set equipment.  This business is heavily effected by water, soot, and smoke odor. It will take many different pieces of equipment. We are set up for this type of loss and were on scene setting equipment with in just a few hours of being released to go on scene.  We are here to make it "Like it never even happened." and get your business up and back to business quickly.

Responding to a Fire

This business had a fire caused by a lighting strike that came through the building and started their auto repair side of the business on fire.  We were called in as the Large Loss Response Team. We arrived on scene right away and began setting equipment.  This building has heavy fire, smoke, and soot damage and odor.  We will set many different pieces of equipment in this building and we will get business back up and running as quickly as possible. 

Tulip Time In Pella

Our crew was working in Pella and it was Tulip Time.  We stopped and took a break to enjoy the 70 degree day and the beautiful flowers and beautiful community.  The SERVPRO car looks fantastic with the beautiful reflection of the tulips in the water.

Cleaning A Church

We cleaned this church after a window broke and the storm blew shards of glass around the room as well as dirt and dust debris.  The building was damaged from a tornado. We were honored to go through the building and make sure that the building was ready for parishioners for Sunday Mass a few days later.  We are happy to make it "Like it never even happened."

Smoke Damage To Duct System

This picture shows the damage and the way soot travels through the duct system of a building.  The fire originated in a commercial kitchen but since the heating system was running the smoke and soot traveled through the duct system to other areas of the building.  When cleaning from a fire we clean the duct system right away, do the general cleaning, sealing, and demo if needed and then do a final duct cleaning when the project is completed.

Damage from Rags in a Mop Bucket

Rags in a mop bucket at a commercial college kitchen spontaneously combusted and caused a fire.  It was put out very quickly but the soot damage is visible. Everything in the kitchen had to be cleaned, sealed where needed, and duct work cleaned.  Cleaning Rags need to be stored in the proper container to prevent this from occurring.

Water Damage

This water damage was caused by a sewer backing up.  This water infiltration needs to be cleaned up using special methods to prevent health risks and microbial growth.  Sewer water contains many contaminants and is a hazard to peoples health.

Water Loss Caused By Sewer Back Up

In the event of a sewer back up remember to call for help.  We are here to help clean and remove materials if needed after this kind of loss.  Sewer back ups are something you want to have the right equipment for.  Sewer water has many contaminates in it and can be harmful. Potential for microbial growth is even higher in this type of loss.  This loss occurred due to a plugged sewer line.

Mold On a Ceiling

This is mold on a ceiling area where the water came in through an intrusion from the ceiling.  The ceiling was saturated with water and then mold started to grow. In order to clean this up the effected drywall was removed, the source of the leak was fixed and we had to make sure the structure was dry before it could be closed back up and re dry walled.

Mold From A Water Intrusion

This mold is growing on drywall that was effected from water seeping and soaking up into the drywall from water that was on the floor in a basement.  This is why it is so important to repair leaks and remove standing water so that further damage does not occur following a water intrusion.

Mold Present When Cabinets Removed

This photo shows mold present after removal of some kitchen cabinets during a remodel process.  At one point their was a water leak from the sink and it was never dried up properly so mold grew.  Mold loves dark areas where construction materials are wet.  This is why it is so important to make sure all the water is completely dried up after a water leak.

Mold On Ceiling

This mold is present due to a roof water leak. The wet dry wall set long enough wet that mold started to grow.  Mold loves wet construction materials to grow on.  In order to remove the mold we had to cut the effected dry wall and remove it and make sure that the leak above was fixed.  We also had to make sure that other areas were then dry. We sprayed with an antimicrobial product the areas around it to prevent future microbial growth.

Fire at an Apartment

This fire was at an apartment building.  The bathroom exhaust fan malfunctioned and caused a fire.  We came in after this picture was taken and sealed the roof to prevent further damage and started to remove debris and charred material.  The other apartments were affected by water and soot.  We cleaned up the affected areas and ran deodorizing equipment.

Window and Debris Following Storm

After a storm came through and brought high winds, rain, and a tornado this shows the damage done.  A window was broken and shattered glass and insulation through out the room.  We are able to board up situations like this as well as clean up the construction materials scattered about. We want the area to be clean and safe for people to come back in and do the work to repair the area and get business back up and running.

Gym Roof Gone

This picture shows part of a gym's roof gone after a tornado effected a school.  We are equipped to come in and clean up after an event like this as your local large loss certified response team.  We are able to clean up the debris and secure the facility from future and further damage.

Roof Damage

This picture shows roof damage from a school building.  The damage to the roof then effected all the rooms and space below.  There was glass, construction materials, and wood scattered through the facility.  Contents were affected by these items as well as by a tiny bit of water.  We arrived on scene to help clean up after this event quickly.

Ceiling Damage in School

This is ceiling damage from a school where a tornado came and effected the entire building.  Windows are boarded up and we can come in and clean up the broken glass and remove the damaged debris.  We responded to the school very quickly to get to work after the event.

Tools to Find Water Damage

This is a thermal imaging camera. We use this thermal imaging camera to locate water within a structure.  We are aiming the camera a the ceiling of an apartment. The apartment above it had a water leak that affected the apartment below it.  The dark areas on the camera show where the structure is wet.

Board Up After a Fire

This apartment building was affected by a fire on the 2nd floor.  We were called in to board up the structure and keep the source area secure and maintain integrity of the building and protect evidence for the fire department.  We will board up any structure residential or commercial.

Desiccant and Generator

Our desiccant and generator are ready all the time. In the event of a large water loss we are able to bring this piece of equipment in to dry out the area quickly.  This unit is utilized by taking round piping and ducting it inside the building and having a return line back to the unit.  The unit sits outside and moves mass amounts of air through it to remove moisture from the air.

Checking a roof cavity

This is the owner, Brian Meyer, checking an air cavity between the roof cap and ceiling joists for smoke infiltration and soot following a fire in an adjacent building. The smoke and soot transferred into this building through holes in the brick mortar. It affected all walls, floors and ceilings.  He is checking for the proper method to seal this area so that there is no odor transfered into the living space following our restoration work.

Terminator Gun-Thermal Fogger

This is what we call our Terminator Gun. The real purpose of this piece of equipment is to thermal fog a space for odor. 

The gun fills the area that is affected by odor with a fog deodorizer. This process neutralizes the molecules by using fragrance modification for permanent odor neutralization. When using this equipment the source of the odor needs to be removed.  Then it is possible to neutralize the molecules that are left that are containing the odor.  We can use this to treat any contained space; rooms, houses, businesses, semi trailers, trucks, etc.

Vendor Booth

Our marketing team enjoys going to events of our clients and talking about SERVPRO and talking about all the services we provide and how we can help their businesses. This vendor booth was set up at a hotel property management conference. We talked about ERP'S and how we can do more for their properties like providing carpet and duct cleaning along with the water and Fire mitigation.

On site at an apartment fire

One of our large loss trucks responding to a fire in our area the day after the event. We work hard to make it like it never ever happened. This fire effected multiple apartments. We brought in 3 large commercial dumpsters and a man lift to help with the project. We have the availability of equipment for any size disaster. We boarded up the structure right away to protect the structure from further damage.


All of our staff; from the office administration, technicians, estimators, marketing team, and upper management we are all Professionals in our industry, providing you, our client, with the best Service. If at any time you don't receive the service you should, let us know and we will commit to providing the type of service you desire.

Air Movers & Dehumidifiers

These are just a few of our air movers and dehumidifiers.  We use these units to move air and remove humidity from a space.  These units are tested regularly and maintained for top performance at all times.  They are ready to be mobilized and set up quickly to minimize the property damage that may occur after a loss.

Ozone Units

This is a picture of our portable ozone machines.  We use these to eliminate odor from gases, smoke, pets, mold, organic material, etc.  These machines have to be ran in areas not inhabited by living organisms. 

Contents from a Pack Out

This picture is of our warehouse.  When this picture was taken we just received all of these contents after a water damage.  We bring contents from a loss to our location when needed and with stringent documentation while packing the contents we then clean and/or store the contents while the home is renovated after the loss.

Marketing Machine

Watch for this SERVPRO vehicle in your area.   Our marketing team enjoys stopping by to say hi and tell you all about our services and how we can help. "Like it never even happened"

Ottumwa Office

This is our Ottumwa Office located at

201 Osage Dr, Ottumwa, IA 52501

Our Ottumwa office staff provides our list of services to Ottumwa, Oskaloosa, Centerville Fairfield, Sigourney and the surrounding areas. 


Carpet Cleaning Coralville, IA

These stairs have been damaged by soot from smoke after a small fire inside of a home. This carpet has had a couple swipes of our carpet cleaning machine.  You can see where the machine has gone and how the carpets were effected.  The homeowner is very pleased with our final work when we finished.