Water Damage Photo Gallery

Document Freeze Drying

When water affects important documents, WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

With specialty drying systems such as document freeze drying we are able to save items that it use to be impossible to save and keep after they got wet.  When paper gets wet the ink will run and deteriorate.  By using a special drying process and a controlled freeze drying system we are able to bring those documents down to a very cold temperature and freeze the moisture out of the paper maintaining the integrity of the document and being able to return them.  This process is in a controlled environment and we maintain the utmost integrity for secure guidelines to protect even confidential information.  You can trust SERVPRO of Iowa City/Coralville, Ottumwa/Oskaloosa, and Des Moines East & SW to always be on the top of technology and utilizing equipment to do the best job we can to make it "Like it never even happened"

Extracting water from Carpet

This picture shows Nick, one of our technicians, extracting water from the carpet and pad following a fresh water intrusion.  Water affected the basement from an outside water spigot. The customer was watering their grass and the spigot was leaking into the basement the whole time.  They called right away and we were able to come right out and help clean up the water and were able to save a lot of the structure with very little demo.

Checking Water Levels in Ottumwa

This water loss occurred at a downtown Ottumwa, IA business.  The water was from a supply line to a sink that broke from the apartment above the business.  The water leaked through the floor of the apartment and then into the business down below.  In this picture our employee Brandon, is checking the structural materials levels. The customer and insurance called us right away and we were able to set our air movers and dehumidifiers right away. We will be able to dry most of the building structure with very little demolition and removal of materials.  This is why it is so important to call right away when a water intrusion occurs.

Water Damage

This water damage was caused by a sewer backing up.  This water infiltration needs to be cleaned up using special methods to prevent health risks and microbial growth.  Sewer water contains many contaminants and is a hazard to peoples health.

Water Loss Caused By Sewer Back Up

In the event of a sewer back up remember to call for help.  We are here to help clean and remove materials if needed after this kind of loss.  Sewer back ups are something you want to have the right equipment for.  Sewer water has many contaminates in it and can be harmful. Potential for microbial growth is even higher in this type of loss.  This loss occurred due to a plugged sewer line.

Tools to Find Water Damage

This is a thermal imaging camera. We use this thermal imaging camera to locate water within a structure.  We are aiming the camera a the ceiling of an apartment. The apartment above it had a water leak that affected the apartment below it.  The dark areas on the camera show where the structure is wet.

Desiccant and Generator

Our desiccant and generator are ready all the time. In the event of a large water loss we are able to bring this piece of equipment in to dry out the area quickly.  This unit is utilized by taking round piping and ducting it inside the building and having a return line back to the unit.  The unit sits outside and moves mass amounts of air through it to remove moisture from the air.