What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

Your response time is amazing.  I can't believe how fast you came and secured my house by boarding it up after the fire. I will recommend you to everyone.

Hey, I just want to let you know what an amazing job your employee, Darla, has done for us in regards to cleaning after our fire. She's amazing.  I can't explain to everyone and you how much weight has been lifted off my shoulders to be able to move in to our home and not have to worry about cleaning a single thing after the demo and reconstruction. She needs recognition and I hope this message helps in some way. I have thanked her a million times already. Thank you again for all SERVPRO has done to help us.

SERVPRO is just terrific. We called the night of our fire and they had guys there the very next morning and they got right to work.  They were very responsive and did a great job.  Very happy with the work they do. 

SERVPRO is fantastic. I called my family and they recommended you as I did not know who to call as this was my first fire.  I was having difficulty getting ahold of my agent to file a claim so called you directly.  The adjuster enjoys working with you too.  You were professional, kind, courteous, and explained equipment.  Your technicians know their job.  Very Impressed.

Maxine had an electrical fire.  She wrote to our SERVPRO about our employee, Tracy.  Tracy is our warehouse supervisor who handles the pack outs and cleaning of our customers belongings.

"Keep up the good work, especially your Tracy. Thanks.  She is the best and knows her job"

SERVPRO is MARVOULOUS. I had 28 music boxes you returned after being cleaned without damaging a one.  Sylvester and Twitty Bird music box with all detail was safe. 

July 12th in crawl space of my house I had a fire.  Lots of water to put out fire.  Then got black mold in the house because it took a while to get all the estimates back.  SERVPRO came and removed 80 boxes that they could clean and save. They did a great job. Now I just have to sort through all my returned boxes.  They are so very helpful and did a great job. I don't know what I would have done without all the people at SERVPRO.