Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold Mitigation

When mold is present in a structure it is necessary to run air scrubbers and seal the structure. These pictures show after finishing hepa vacuuming the structur... READ MORE

Mold Before and After in West Branch

We are licensed and trained to do mold mitigation. We come in and take the necessary tests before beginning work. We follow the proper safety precautions for th... READ MORE

Mold during Water Damage

This customer had a water damage that they discovered in the basement of their town house, but did not know what caused it. After investigating, we came to the ... READ MORE

Mold on Leather

This vehicles interior was highly affected by microbial growth. The car had been in storage and the conditions were not stable. Due to high temperatures and hig... READ MORE

Cleaned Mold from in a Car

This car was heavily affected by microbial growth. The car was stored and because of the amount of moisture and the temperature conditions were correct mold gre... READ MORE

Mold Caused by Water

This picture was taken in the basement of a house. There was water damage and it was not dried up quick enough. We were called in because the conditions were ... READ MORE